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Cosmetic Enamel Rejuvé Kit
Cosmetic Enamel Rejuvé Kit1
Cosmetic Enamel Rejuvé Kit
Craft the Perfect Smile with …

The Cosmetic Enamel Rejuvé Kit is designed to equip you with just the right tools to rejuvenate and enhance your patients’ SMILES.

This attractive kit comes with our latest line-up of Value guided translucent & naturally opalescent Beautifil II Enamel shades to inspire the artist in you … to create new smiles, revive aged smiles, brighten dull smiles & correct smile imperfections. 

Sculpt an effortless Smile that is unique and “just” right for each patient ... contact your nearest Distributor for the special offers on the Cosmetic Enamel Rejuvé Kit!
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