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Super-Snap X-TREME Technique Kit
Super-Snap X-TREME Technique Kit1
Super-Snap X-TREME Technique Kit
The latest snap-on finishing and polishing kit that comprises of a complete range of disks in 4 different colour coded grits, created for a naturally lustrous polish on direct resin restorations.

The kit comes with Black, Violet as well as the resilient X-TREME GREEN and advanced 3D structured X-TREME RED disks along with double-ended polystrips, Dura White, Composite and Composite fine points to aid in finishing and polishing all areas of the restoration and attain the designed surface details.
SNAP-ON Benefits
  • No more gouging or discoloration – Thanks to the Snap-on disk design & metal-free centre
  • Greater pressure, durability and enhanced polishing experience
  • High gloss polish with just 4 simple steps: Black disk – Violet disk – Green disk – Pink disk
    • Advanced 3D architecture with extra aluminium oxide coating in X-TREME RED (Superfine) disks
    • Facilitates Debris discharge and heat dissipation
    • Prevents clogging and secondary scratches
Super-Snap X-TREME Technique Kit [PN0508]
160 x disks
40 x polystrips
2 x Dura-White Stones CA (CN1 & FL2)
2 x Composite Midi-Point CA
2 x Composite Fine Midi-point CA
4 x Super-Snap CA Mandrel

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