What's New
  • EyeSpecial C-III
    EyeSpecial C-III
    New image sensor, exceptional focal length and aperture with its 8 automated pre-set shooting modes, SHOFU Eye Special C-III smart digital ...
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  • Super-Snap X-TREME Technique Kit
    Super-Snap X-TREME Technique Kit
    The latest snap-on finishing and polishing kit that comprises of a complete range of disks in 4 different colour coded grits, created for ...
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  • Coat-It
    COAT-IT is a light-cured self-adhesive resin coat designed to provide a strong and protective seal on the surface of Glass Ionomers, provisionals ...
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  • ZiLMaster Finishing & Polishing Kit HP
    ZiLMaster Finishing & Polishing Kit HP
    ZilMaster Finishing & Polishing Kit HP is a perfect finishing and polishing solution to attain the smoothest surface finish and high gloss polish ...
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  • Livera Alpha
    Livera Alpha
    Livera exceeds expectations in its class of resin teeth with life-like aesthetics and optimal biological function combined with high impact and ...
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  • Beautifil II LS
    Beautifil II LS
    Beautifil II LS breaks new ground in direct resin technology with its extremely low polymerization shrinkage and resultant stress while exhibiting ...
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