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  • GlasIonomer FX Ultra
    GlasIonomer FX Ultra
    A truly self-adhesive, bulk filling glass ionomer restorative, GlasIonomer FX ULTRA outperforms conventional restoratives in its class, with its ...
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  • Shofu Block / Disk HC
    Shofu Block / Disk HC
    The new generation of CAD / CAM restorative, SHOFU HC Hybrid Ceramic comes with exceptionally natural aesthetics, superior mechanical properties...
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  • Zirconomer Improved
    Zirconomer Improved
    Zirconomer Improved defines a new class of restorative that promises the strength and durability of amalgam with the protective benefits of glass ...
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  • Beautifil Value Pack
    Beautifil Value Pack
    An attractive and handy kit that provides a quick, easy and reliable solution for every-day direct resin restoration.
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  • Beautifil II LS
    Beautifil II LS
    Beautifil II LS breaks new ground in direct resin technology with its extremely low polymerization shrinkage and resultant stress while exhibiting ...
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  • ZiLMaster
    Three step diamond impregnated polishing system designed specifically for all ceramic restorations including lithium disilicate and ...
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  • ZiLMaster Finishing & Polishing Kit HP
    ZiLMaster Finishing & Polishing Kit HP
    ZilMaster Finishing & Polishing Kit HP is a perfect finishing and polishing solution to attain the smoothest surface finish and high gloss polish ...
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  • Super-Snap X-TREME Technique Kit
    Super-Snap X-TREME Technique Kit
    The latest snap-on finishing and polishing kit that comprises of a complete range of disks in 4 different colour coded grits, created for ...
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  • Cosmetic Enamel Rejuvé Kit
    Cosmetic Enamel Rejuvé Kit
    Designed to equip you with just the right tools to rejuvenate and enhance your patients’ SMiLES.
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