Indirect Composite
Ceramage is a versatile micro-ceramic indirect composite with 73% zirconium silicate fillers, suitable for a wide range of anterior and posterior restorations.
  • Ideal for metal reinforced or metal free restorations, veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges, implant supported restorations, etc.
  • Superior aesthetics with easy reproduction of natural tooth colour
  • Excellent flexural and compressive strength with high elasticity deeming it suitable for posterior restorations
  • Long-term colour stability, superb polishability and high plaque resistance
  • Ideal viscosity with optimal handling characteristics so it is sculptable, non sticky and easy to separate from the spatula
  • Remarkable abrasion resistance specially on opposing teeth
  • Extensive range of translucent, incisal and effect modifiers to further enhance aesthetics
  • Natural Fluorescence
  • Simple Polymerization system with a fast application technique
  • Ceramage flow is especially useful for inlays and to create intricate anatomical details.
Available in:
Sets and refills (paste type in 4.6gm / syringe & flowable type in 2gm / syringe)

Ceramage Ceramage Intro Kit (shade A2, A3, A3.5) Contains:
Pre-Opaque 2ml x 1, Opaque 2ml x 1,
Cervical 2.6ml x 1, Body 2.6ml x 1,
Flowable Composite Resin 2ml x 1,
Incisal 2.6ml x 1, M.L. Primer 5ml x 1,
Uni Brush, Light Shield Cover x 1,
Paper Pad (50 Sheets) x 1,
Dispodish x 10
- Refills:
Available individually
Ceramage 8 Colour Set [PN 1806] Contains:
Pre-Opaque 2ml x 1, Opaque 2ml x 10,
Cervical 2.6ml x 4, Opaque Dentin 2.6ml x 8,
Body 2.6ml x 8, Incisal 2.6ml x 3, Translucent 2.6ml x 4,
Flowable Composite Resin 2ml x 3, Modelling Liquid 6ml x 1,
M.L. Primer 5ml x 1, Oxy-Barrier 10ml x 1, SEP 7ml x 1,
Spacer 7ml x 1, Uni Brush (Handle x 1, Brush Head x 10)
Light Shield Cover x 1, Dispodish x 10, Colour Table x 1,
Paper Pad (50 Sheets) x 1, Direction x 1

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