BeautiCem SA
A self-etch, self-adhesive dual cure resin cement that guarantees a simple, fasr and reliable adhesion to a variety of substrates ranging from metal, indirect resins and ceramics, without any hassle of post-operative sensitivity.

Designed for cementation of: all-ceramic restorations; prostheses fabricated with precious, semi-precious, non-precious alloys including titanium; porcelain fused to metal restorations; indirect resin restorations; all-ceramic, resin and metal restorations to implant abutment; metal and resin post & core restorations
  • Durable bond to a range of substrates
  • Features one of the highest levels of translucency for demanding aesthetic cases
  • Maximum resin polymerization imparts superior mechanical properties, higher resistance to staining and low solubility
  • Optimal viscosity for ease of handling and extremely thin bonding layer (11.8 µ) provides invisible margins
  • Virtually no post-operative sensitivity for better patient comfort
  • Effective release of fluoride provides sustained anti-cariogenic and anti-bacterial properties
Delivery options with the choice of Hand mix or Automix syringes BEAUTICEM SA

BEAUTICEM SA Auto Mixing Syringe Set Contains:
Beauticem SA (Auto-mix) Paste 5ml,
Mixing Tips x 10 pcs
Available in Clear [PN 3213] & Ivory [PN 3214]

BEAUTICEM SA Hand-mix Syringe Set Contains:
Beauticem SA (Hand-mix) type Paste 9ml,
Mixing Pad & Spatula
Available in Clear [PN 3216] & Ivory [PN 3217]

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