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Three step diamond impregnated polishing system designed specifically for all ceramic restorations including lithium disilicate and fully contoured zirconia restorations.
Developed for systematic polishing of all ceramic zirconia and lithium disilicate restorations:
ZiLMaster Coarse (green banded shank) – For finishing and pre-polishing
ZiLMaster Medium (blue banded shank) – For polishing
ZiLMaster Fine (yellow banded shank) – For super polishing
  • High gloss polish in just 3 easy steps
  • Precise concentricity with uniform distribution of even sized diamond particles in resilient silicone compound ensures efficient performance with low vibration and minimal heat generation reducing the risk of micro cracks
  • Eliminates the need of messy polishing paste
  • Fast and efficient
  • Comes in HP and CA shank for lab and clinical use
Individual shapes are packed in a box of 3's. Unmounted wheel is individually packed Assorted shapes are packed in a box of 4's as follows:
- ZilMaster Coarse Assorted HP [PN 0644]
 1 x Bullet, Mini-Point, KN7, WH6
- ZiLMaster Medium Assorted HP [PN 0650]
 1 x Bullet, Mini-Point, KN7, WH6
- ZiLMaster Fine Assorted HP [PN 0656]
 1 x Bullet, Mini-Point, KN7, WH6
- ZiLMaster Coarse Assorted CA [PN 0664]
 1 x Bullet, Knife, Cup, Mini-Point
- ZiLMaster Medium Assorted CA [PN 0669]
 1 x Bullet, Knife, Cup, Mini-Point
- ZiLMaster Fine Assorted CA [PN 0674]
 1 x Bullet, Knife, Cup, Mini-Point

Recommended Speed Range: 
Mounted Polisher: 10,000 - 15,000 rpm / Max. 20,000 rpm, Contact Pressure 1.5 N
Unmounted Wheel: 5,000 - 10,000 rpm / Max. 15,000 rpm, Contact Pressure 1.5 N
A comprehensive and resilient, diamond impregnated finishing and polishing system for lab/chairside use, containing an assortment of Dura-Green DIA and colour-coded ZiLMaster Polishers that provide the highest natural lustre on all types of modern ceramics including zirconia and lithium disilicate restoration.
  • This kit is suitable for finishing and polishing oxide and silicate ceramic restoration
    - Fast and efficient contouring with Dura-Green DIA
    Dura-Green DIA comprises of densely packed diamond particles from the surface to the core of the abrasive head to enable superior and consistent cutting efficiency until the entire abrasive is worn out
    - Fine finishing and smoothening to eliminate all remaining scratches with ZiLMaster Coarse
    - Pre-polishing with ZiLMaster Medium
    - High lustre polishing with ZiLMaster Fine
    ZiLMaster polishers are designed with an excellent balance of the diamond particle size, distribution and the resilient silicone binder to assure the smoothest surface and high natural gloss with minimal wear of the abrasive.
  • The durable abrasive points are autoclavable and durable.
  • Maximum permissible speed: 
    Dura-Green DIA - 30,000 rpm 
    ZiLMaster Coarse / Medium / Fine - 20,000 rpm
The Kit [PN S0009] Contains:
- Dura-Green DIA – TC4, KN7 & WH6 x 1 each
- ZiLMaster Coarse HP – Bullet, KN7 & WH6 x 1 each
- ZiLMaster Medium HP – Bullet, KN7 & WH6 x 1 each
- ZiLMaster Fine HP – Bullet, KN7 & WH6 x 1 each

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