Rotary Instruments
CeraMaster Coarse • CeraMaster
Diamond impregnated polishers with a unique blend of silicone and even distribution of diamond particles make these instruments the best choice for polishing porcelain and ceramic polymer to a glazed-like surface.
  • A simple 2 step finishing and polishing system, ideal for intra-oral, chairside or laboratory use.
    CeraMaster Coarse (dark gray polisher) – for finishing / polishing and adjusting margins of alumina copings
    CeraMaster (blue and white bands) – for superpolishing
  • Durable, cost-effective and available in HP and CA shanks to suit all polishing surfaces.
    PA grit (green band) – for contouring
    PB grit (blue band) – for polishing
  • Individual shapes are packed in a box of 3’s 
  • Assorted shapes are packed in a box of 4’s as follows:
    - CeraMaster Coarse Assorted CA [ PN 125C ]
    1x Bullet, Knife, Cup, Mini-Point
    - CeraMaster Coarse Assorted HP [ PN 130C ]
    1x Bullet, Mini-Point, KN7, WH6
    - CeraMaster Assorted CA [ PN 0125 ]
    1x Bullet, Knife, Cup, Mini-Point
    - CeraMaster Assorted HP [ PN 0130 ]
    1x Bullet, Mini-Point, KN7, WH6

Recommended Speed Range:
Mounted Polisher: 10,000 - 15,000 rpm / Max. 20,000 rpm, Contact Pressure: 1.5N
Unmounted Wheel: 5,000 - 10,000 rpm / Max. 10,000 rpm, Contact Pressure: 1.5N

*Unmounted Wheels come with 1 mandrel

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